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Providing Shelter & Housing: Recent News about Homelessness in the Valley

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

As rural homelessness increases, HUD aims money at helping people without access to shelters: Conway Daily Sun article:

We've been living in a tent for 5 months because we couldn't afford our $1,200 rent. Now we're preparing for winter in Maine: Insider e-zine article:

When stipends end, homeless must leave: Conway Daily Sun article:

Selectmen approve grant request by Way Station: Conway Daily Sun article:

Homeless in Redstone-Between a Rock and Hard Place: Conway Daily Sun article:

Residents object to homeless camp in Redstone: Conway Daily Sun article:

Way Station introduces request for planning grant to Conway Board of Selectmen:

State could receive more federal funding to address homelessness: Conway Daily Sun article:

State to receive $2m to address youth homelessness: Conway Daily Sun article:

Tri-County Cap ready to roll out mobile unit: Conway Daily Sun article:

A Life: Jason Moots - An indication about how little we value the unhoused: Valley News article:

Some states use hotels to house homeless during pandemic: New Hampshire Business Review article:

Homelessness in NH - no easy fix for a complicated problem: New Hampshire Business Review article:

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