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Three ways to help the Way Station meet the needs of the homeless population in this valley:


Financial contribution: send a check to the Way Station, PO Box 1888, North Conway, NH 03860. Or donate online.

What does your contribution provide?

  • $2800 = average monthly client services costs of Way Station since COVID (we operate solely through grants and public contributions plus in-kind donations)

  • $750 = one month of laundry cards for Way Station clients since COVID

  • $100 = one month of shelf stable food for clients (some use food pantry)

  • $80 = durable winter tent

  • $50 = winter sleeping bag

  • $40 = Straight Talk smart phone

  • $35 = Straight Talk phone & internet access card for one month (job and housing applications, medical care, legal ID, driver's license and car registrations require internet access)

  • $25 = 2-person lightweight tent (not durable, but better than no shelter)

  • $20 = gas card (reserved for clients living in car)

  • $15 = laundry card

  • $10 = camping tarp

In-kind donations of clean, intact, used camping gear and winter apparel:

  • Sleeping bags

  • Tents

  • Backpacks

  • Rugged outdoor adult apparel such as heavy winter coats, ski parkas, shell pants/ski pants, snow boots, hiking boots, heavy ski socks

Shelf-stable food:

  • Energy bars

  • Meals in a can (chili, beef stew, canned pasta, etc) preferably with pop-top lid (clients don't have kitchens or utensils, including can openers)

VOLUNTEERS: Get involved!

  • Prepare "go bags" for clients

  • Analyze client data and statistics

  • Research and prepare grants

  • Social media & communications updates

  • Fundraising & development support

  • Direct client contact (1-2 people only, training required)

REFERRALS: Keep our number handy - 603.452.7113.

Print and carry this brochure to share.

PDF • 606KB

Keep our number handy. Pass it along: 603.452.7113. We answer the phone 7 days of the week. If you meet someone who needs our assistance, tell them to contact us! We help people regardless of their circumstances. This is a safe, judgment-free zone. People may be literally homeless, sleeping outside. Just as often, they can be living in unstable circumstances, such as in camping, moving around, staying in hotel rooms or with friends. Either way, if you meet someone who may need some extra help, give them this number.

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