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ALONG the WAY Newsletter

December 9, 2021 As I write this portion of the newsletter, I am awash with gratitude and love for all of the volunteers that help us meet the needs of those we serve. I would like to ask that we hold all of the volunteers responding to the crisis in Kentucky and surrounding areas in our hearts and prayers.

Weekly news and highlights We here at the Way Station are keeping all of the victims of Kentucky and surrounding areas in our thoughts, our prayers, and in our hearts. May they all find comfort, warmth, and shelter in the weeks to come.

Way Station Openings Appointment only: Monday 10am - 2pm & Thursdays 10am - 1pm Drop-In & Pick-ups: Thursdays 5-6pm Who we served and how

  • The Way Station served 33 individuals and families this week

  • 15 of the 33 people served lacked housing, living in tents, cars, and couches

  • 6 are housed in hotels

  • 8 are housed in homes or trailers

  • 4 has an unknown living situations

  • 2 was new to the Way Station

We provided:

  • 9 Way Station food bags

  • 8 Vaughn food bags delivered

  • 7 Phone cards ($40 Value each)

  • 14 Laundry cards and pods to each ($15+ value each)

  • 18 Gas cards (15 $20 and 3 $30 each)

  • 9 Rolls of toilet paper

Countless warm and smiling faces to greet our guests as we delivered or met them at the door We are in constant need of your help. We need, on a weekly basis,

  • Pull-top canned foods; canned veggies, ravioli's, soups, tuna, etc.

  • Sleeping bags

  • Complete tents

Please only donate unopened and or unused food and toiletry items. Though we appreciate all donations, homemade or opened items cannot be used and are disposed of. As always, the Way Station would like to thank you all for your continued support as we battle homelessness and housing insecurity. If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about volunteer work, please contact Dan Lavigne (603) 452-7113

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